When Should You Not Trust Your Bathroom Scales?

When Should You Not Trust Your Bathroom Scales?

Normal bathroom scales will only measure your weight. They will not tell you what is happening with your body.

First up, you don’t want to lose weight. You want to lose body fat. Body fat is the health issue. The Houston weight loss center suggests that you need a way to measure your body fat as well as your weight.

Buy a Scale That Measures Your Weight and Body Fat Percentage

You can buy scales that measure your weight and body fat percentage. Buy these and use them. You now have two measures to show you what is happening with your body on your new lifestyle project. 

If you have read the previous weight loss tips, you know if you diet without exercising you may lose muscle as well as body fat. This will show on the scales as a loss of weight and an increase in body fat percentage. This is not a good thing. You want to bring the body fat percentage down. Fat is the health issue, not muscle. You want to keep your muscle, or even increase it.

If you exercise, your weight may stay the same or increase, but your body fat percentage will go down. This means you have lost fat and gained muscle. This is a good thing.

What other measurements should you record?

Many people record body part measurements, arms, shoulders, chest, waist, buttocks, thigh, and calf. For this to be useful, you must measure the body part in the same spot each time. Because of the difficulty in measuring the same spot each time most record the waist measurement only. Your waist measurement is an indicator whether you are at risk of developing conditions related to being over-weight or obese.

One other measurement you may want to record is that of your clothes sizes. A decrease in clothes size is a positive indication of overall body fat loss, provided there is also a decrease in body fat percentages. 

To summarise, the measurements you should be recording to help you understand what your body is doing on your healthy lifestyle eating plan are:

  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Waist measurement
  • Clothes sizes

Your biggest expense will be the purchase of your new scales, but you can consider it an investment. 

Know What You Are Willing to Give Up

Know What You Are Willing to Give Up

Some people aren’t willing to give up their favourite high fat foods; favourite high calorie beverage; or weight gaining lifestyle. If you want change, you must give up something.The weight loss doctor in Houston states that If you don’t give up the weight gaining food, then you must, at least, give up the quantity of that weight gaining food you are eating.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Changing lifestyles is all about making choices. You must choose the correct actions and foods that will bring about your desired result. If you are continually making the wrong choices, then it is time for a bit of self-analysis to work out why you do so. 

There is no such thing as a good diet, or a bad diet. A diet is the stuff we eat to survive.

There is, however:

  • Good nutrition diets; and
  • Bad nutrition diets

Is one right and one wrong? Of course not, as it is just a diet. One is healthier for you than the other, and the choice is yours whether to be on a healthy diet or not. It is the same for being over-weight. You choose to not be your ideal weight because of the actions you choose to take and the foods you choose to eat.

Is it wrong to be over-weight? No. It may be a drain on the economy as you are treated for obesity related diseases, but that is part of the choices you make about your lifestyle. 

Ask Yourself These Questions if You’re Thinking About Losing Weight

Well, if it’s not wrong to be over-weight why should you even consider starting a weight loss program? You might want to consider losing body fat if you answer “Yes” to either of these questions:

  • Does being over-weight make me unhappy?
  • Does being over-weight affect my health?

A “Yes” to either of these questions might be the motivation you need to start your weight loss program.

Being an adult is not about doing what you want in life. It is about making the correct choices, even if you don’t want them. Is it time you grew up?